GPS Inside

Because of the ever increasing reliance on GPS technology, companies are manufacturing new GPS products every day.  As the technology improves, GPS receivers get smaller, and we are therefore able to find new and inventive ways to mount them to any device that moves. Consequently, GPS receivers and relevant technology are now found everywhere andRead More

Better Buying Power 3.0

This article in the Official US Defense Department Science Blog explains one way the Army can maintain its technological edge over adversaries. GPS Source is working hard to develop products that support strengthening the Defense Department’s buying power, specifically with its D3 device and accompanying accessories. You can read more about D3 and how itRead More

Assured PNT & D3

GPS supported applications (position, navigation and timing, i.e. PNT) are increasingly embedded throughout military operations.  This clearly makes relying on GPS alone for PNT a huge liability.  The ever growing dependence on GPS by the U.S. military for PNT is prompting them to rethink their current practices.  Specifically, the US Army has acknowledged the need for continuous, assured PNT, with immediate access to all sources of PNT, not just GPS.  TheyRead More

The Army’s Choice for the D3 program, GLI-FLO-G, Affordably Enabling Assured PNT

What does “Affordably Enabling Assured PNT” mean?  The dictionary tells us that affordability means  the conclusion drawn from the analysis of the life cycle cost of a proposed acquisition and that the purchase is in accord with the resources and long term requirements of the acquirer. Let’s start with “Life Cycle Cost”.  What is that andRead More